Hanna Chip Package Soltuon include three software:

1. Auto Routing Software

2. Power Comparion System

3. Auto Draft Software

Hanna Auto Routing Software

Hanna Auto Routing software, just use the netlist and Bounding diagram template(DWG), to generate the dies, pads and wires automatically.

Product Characteristics


Power Comparison Software

Hanna power comparison software, parsing the K&S/Shinkawa/ASM welding machine data, comparing with bounding diagram drawing, finding the welding error: less wire,more wire, wrong position wire and so on.

Power Comparison Product Characteristics

Comparing Result 比较结果展示

Download (Simply Chinese only)

Demo Product How to Using Video

Download AutoRouting User Menual

Download Power Comparison User Menual

Download Bounding Diagram drawing rule

Download Power Comparison Product introduction